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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Potholes and Frost Heave in Milwaukee

           Pothole season is upon us in the Midwest.  The hard freeze came particularly early this year in the greater Milwaukee area.  Potholes generally get worse in the winter due to freeze/thaw conditions.  They are caused by water penetrating the pavement through cracks, pooling in existing potholes or other depressions and then freezing.  The expansion from the ice causes the asphalt to push and break apart, especially through repeated cycles of freeze and thaw.  It is then accelerated with vehicular traffic constantly pounding on these of frozen and fragile pavement. 


            This situation also causes frost heave.  Water below the pavement in the stone base (and soil as well) freezes.  The pressure created by the expansion pushes upward and causes the pavement to heave.  This is mainly noticed at large cracks, areas around catch basins (which are below the frost line) and at entry ways where asphalt meets concrete.  Most people feel that their catch basins and storm drains are sinking when in fact the pavement surrounding it has risen. 


            It's not just asphalt either.  Concrete roadways can heave just as well as asphalt and there are many areas around town where one catch basin will be 2" lower than the pavement while one 10' away is still level with the roadway.
            Potholes and Frost Heave can cause trip hazards and car damage leaving the property owner with increased liabilities in the winter months.  This is where Munson, Inc. (Munson Fence & Paving) can come in to help and due to this winter's extreme damage.  Munson has crews available during the winter to repair these pothole and frost heave issues with our high performance cold mix patch.  We can all agree that this is the worst year for potholes when the local news has stories about them almost weekly (see links below).

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